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Through an aesthetic and conceptual use of play, humour, and beauty, all of my photo-based and performance art projects reveal worlds that are uncannily recognizable as our own. Seemingly contradictory cultural artifacts are placed within the same frame; however, when postitioned in such ironic proximity, these apparent opposites collide to create fissures through which the familiar is defamiliarized and, thereby, becomes open to questioning and transformation.

Through a praxis of self-reflexivity, I open myself as a social subject, as a creature inevitably inscribed and informed by the power structures and the ideological prioritizations of our society. I sift through the layers of my own construction and use the 'self' as my primary source of research. The artist is an archeology site: the human the site of excavation, the artist the excavator. By both embedding and transcending, the human micro inevitably extends into the existential macro.

I often use my own body as the subject (or the human figure) in my work. This process allows me to more readily retrieve and perform the dense and often ambivalent truths that compose a social subject. I utilize dark humour as a tool to poke holes in and dismantle the hierarchical apparatus. By placing contradictions within the same frame, my work subverts systemic binaries and builds tensions that disrupt the normalized. My photo-based and performance art strives to disturb the master narrative from both gendered, speciesist and environmental imperatives.

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